Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday approved the county’s share of a planned million legal defense fund for immigrants fighting deportation.

In one of the first tangible actions taken by California officials in an expected showdown with the administration of President-elect Donald Trump over immigration, the supervisors voted 4 to 1 to earmark million over two years to provide the immigrants’ legal help.

After the vote, Trump supporter Shirley Husar criticized the supervisors’ approval of taxpayer money for immigrants’ legal aid.

“Everyday working people have no idea how much money just went to someone else, someone else who do not pay taxes,” Husar said.

WE WILL BE LIVING IN “TRUMP-ANOMICS” , even at the symbolic level, is difficult, of course, and it remains to be seen what this current wave of protests will accomplish. Will the fight against police brutality, symbols of the Confederacy and society’s plethora of micro-aggressions effect your life? Will it take Martial Law to set the record straight?

Tell me, what will become the basis of a broader movement for the improvement of underfunded public school education, for the right to a job with decent wages, and for the end of residential segregation that relegates the poor to neighborhoods with murder rates as alarming as those on the South Side of Chicago?

What is certain is that the outrage that led to Black Lives Matter and its spinoffs will be with us for years to come unless these legacies of slavery and Jim Crow become remnants of a racist past. I believe we need to focus on WHAT DO WE WANT FROM THIS TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. Let’s follow the journey together. FOLLOW ME.

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