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Domain Registration Tips for SEO

Nick Stamoulis ( ) explains why it is important, both from an SEO perspective and business sense, to register your domain for at least 10 years when you launch a website. You want Google to know you are invested in that Discover A Lot More

SEO Tips – Keyword Domain Name – Website Marketing

In this Video we explain the important of a website containing the keyword in the domain name. We website will and does rank in the top 5 on Yahoo and Google when you own the search term .Com. Here are the series of steps to take for Top Rank out Discover A Lot More

Drip Apps | Brand New Domain Name Registration [Wyatt] Drip Apps- In this video Wyatt will explain you on ranking a brand new domain name after registration. Subscribe to our channel Discover A Lot More

GRN Training 101 | Domain Registration Step by step video tutorial on how to register a domain name with GoDaddy. Here are four great tips to help you choose the best domain name possible for your niche. 1) Easy to Remember 2) Easy to Spell 3) Easy to Discover A Lot More

Keywords in Domain Name as Google Ranking Factor – SEO

In this episode I’m going to talk to you about how important the Keyword in a Domain Name is as a Google Ranking Factor for SEO. Google has over 200 ranking factors which some are known and others are speculated about. In this series of videos Discover A Lot More

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Registering Domain Name – Before Buying Domain Names Do These Three Things #1)Choose a “You” Dot Com The first thing to consider before registering domain names is you may want to register both your business name and your personal name. This is especially true for start Discover A Lot More

How to submit your domain name in Google Search Engine

In this Tutorial how to submit your domain name or URL in Google Search Engine

Search Engine Optimized Domain aka Choosing a domain for your business YellowPagesSocial Blog Worx Domain names are the human-readable Internet addresses of websites. Root domains, which are identified by their domain names, have extensions such as .com, .org, .net, etc. (Ex. Discover A Lot More

Best Seo Company – 5 Tips On How To Choose Your Local Business Domain Name

5 Tips on how to choose your local business domain name Your local business domain name or website address is one of the key components in any SEO strategy. If you haven’t registered a domain name, here are a few tips to guide you in choosing one: 1. Discover A Lot More

PBN Building 1 Domain Registration HD

Class 1- Registering Domain and Hosting

Resources: Domain registrars GoDaddy – Namecheap – Hosting Providers: Hostgator – Big Rock – Host it Smart – Transcript: Welcome Discover A Lot More

Choosing a Domain Name & Branding tips

Full Tutorial at Jump Ahead: Branding 0:32 5 Types of Brand Names 0:55 Personal Branding 1:03 Generic/Descriptive Branding 3:57 Suggestive Branding 6:37 Arbitrary/Fanciful Discover A Lot More

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eTraffic Presents: 8 Domain Factors That Effect Your Search Engine Rankings

1- Domain Age: Matt Cutts says,”The difference between a domain that’s 6 months old versus one year old is not really that big at all.” Basically it is a factor just not a big one! 2- Keyword in Domain: The keywords in your domain create Discover A Lot More

How to Register A Domain Name & Create a Website Part 1

How to register a domain name, and why names are important to search engine optimization.

SEO: Forwarding Vs Pointing Multiple Domain Names to Same URL

Why do people register multiple domain names? Many business owners register multiple domain names for various reasons. Subscribe: 1. In most cases, it is done to protect their Discover A Lot More | Domain Registration Scam!

Domain Name Search Engine Scam! DON”T FALL FOR IT!!!!!! As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification for your business Domain name search engine registration. Discover A Lot More

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Domain Name Search Engine Registration

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Lawn Care/Landscape Website & SEO Course | Vid 1 (Basics, Getting a Domain & Hosting)

View the course on our site for additional content: Step by step of how to build an awesome looking website for your lawn/landscape or any other type of service business AND get it Discover A Lot More