How Lawyers Optimize for Local Search

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How Lawyers Optimize for Local Search

Legal Internet marketing is exceedingly competitive, so if you’re just starting out it’s important to establish your firm as a brand and market to your immediate location.

“If you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to set your expectations accordingly,” said McRae. “You’re not going to come in and start ranking for ‘New York,NY personal injury attorney’ right away. Start thinking in terms of years if you’re trying to rank for such a highly competitive term.”

In the meantime, set your sights on local traffic. Let’s say you’re a personal injury attorney serving clients throughout Northern New York. You’re based in White Plains, a city in Westchester County (neighbor to New York County (Manhattan) . Though you’ll eventually target “Westchester County personal injury attorney” and later, “White Plains,NY personal injury attorney,” when you begin optimizing, target keyword phrases like:

White Plains,NY accident lawyer
White Plains,NY law firm
personal injury attorney White Plains,NY
“Your best shot at early success is to capture the traffic in your city,” McRae said. “Targeting more competitive regions should be part of your long-term plan, but it should be done after you’ve secured branded traffic and start to rank prominently for searches in and around your physical location.”

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1) Register your business with Google+ Local.

Google+ provides a huge opportunity for local businesses to appear in the local search results for a given search term. Here’s everything you need to know to do it.

2) Add yourself to other listings.

The more local directories to which you submit your site, the more opportunities to get found and receive additional business citations. Make sure your business name, address, phone number, and website are consistent across all of them. For specific listings/directory types to which you should add your local business, use

3) Get links; be a celebrity.

The more of a fixture you are in your community (both online and offline), the more people will talk about you. Be a guest blogger, talk to and about (positively, of course!) other people in your industry, and act as a resource provider for the community. If you’re an active participant in community conversations, the buzz around you grows in the form of inbound links, social media growth, and media coverage.

4) Get links locally.

Start with your own personal network, which may include the Chamber of Commerce, business improvement districts, licensing bureaus, trade associations, resellers, vendors, and/or manufacturers and other affiliates.

5) Publish your content on social media outlets, especially Google+ business pages.

Google considers content shared on social media more important now than ever before. And now that Google+ has business pages, social and search are even more closely aligned. Most importantly for local businesses, Google+ business pages are starting to show up in local search results. If you haven’t started your Google+ business page yet, build one now.

6) Guest post.

The more places your business gets cited organically the better it is for your SEO. This means bylines or author profiles tied to articles you publish on various relevant blogs etc. can help in addition to just having others write about you.

7) Get reviews.

77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchasing decision. If your customers are looking for opinions on you, make it easier for them to find out how awesome you are by embracing your presence on online review sites. Claim your listings. Ask customers to post about their great experiences with you. Yes, some negative reviews may slip in there, but wouldn’t you rather be an active participant in achieving a positive online reputation than take a passive role in maintaining a lackluster one?

8) Check your listings.

Using as an accuracy report provides huge opportunity to see where you could add additional listings, claim listings, and update or add missing content like your website URL. Folks, there’s no point in having a listing if there is no URL.

Local businesses do have the power to have a top presence in the SERPs, but like any effort to gain and maintain organic visibility, it’s hard work! If you can start checking a few of these tactics off your marketing to-do list every month, though, your website will see great improvements in online visibility.

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